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Safiran Sepehr Paya LLC is founded on the belief that being a world-class exporter of fresh fruits, vegetables, foodstuffs requires customer satisfaction and quality that speaks for itself in a competitive world that we live in. Therefore we are honored to serve the global markets without compromising professionalism.



our farms :

Iran`s diverse climate ensures the availability of all varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables, and our farms are located in the best regions of Iran. Considering this, 60% of our company`s fresh categories` export products are proudly produced at our farms, not only does this mean we are the grower, packer, and distributor, it also means we have greater control oversupply.

Furthermore, the rest of our export volume is strictly chosen among the best farms and then transported to one of our sorting facilities, may it be fresh fruits or vegetables, dates, raisin or chicken paws, they are all professionally transported to our sorting facilities across around Iran to be processed, cleaned, packed and ready for export into the global market.

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Sorting facilities:

Our best products and services have been regularly maintained through continuous development of skills and knowledge intensively provided to our personnel to enhance and sustain our quality and most importantly to be able to create an opportunity for global markets to access all the products all year round. Today the company offers products and services that range even further than before.

these are some of our sorting facilities :

-Refrigerated warehouses for our kiwifruits and oranges [ North of Iran ]

-Sorting facilities for almost all cabbages and lettuce groups of products [ Karaj and Dezful]

-Dates packing and sorting [Abpakhsh]

-Raisin factory [Ghazvin]

-Chicken paws [ Kerman ]

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